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About Us


Located in the Palms Casino Resort, this Las Vegas restaurant blends together art, delicious food, and an unforgettable atmosphere in a salute to New York City’s Soho district. You’ll soon find yourself surrounded by rooms plastered with graffiti echoing with the hip hop, punk, and pop culture that thrived in the early 70s. Dining at Greene St. is an experience rich with entertainment that’s a little bit gritty and a little bit Boho chic.

When you step into Greene St., you step back in time and across the country. Your entrance through a fully functioning arcade is just a hint of the tableau that awaits you. Step through the soda machine door and enter our world of art and music that makes bold, assertive statements. Everywhere you look there’s something new to discover, from textured brushstrokes to attention-grabbing colors. And it all blends together to create a vibe that’s unforgettably captivating.

At a spacious 5,000 square feet, Greene St. includes a stunning dining room and a more intimate lounge centered around a full-service bar. Alternatively, take a seat on the patio and enjoy the indoor-outdoor seating on warm weather days.

The spirits of the street artists, the musicians, the poets, the painters of that epic era – they live here in these walls. Part gallery and part food haven, at Greene St., we prepare each dish and cocktail with the same dedication that these artists showed to their work. A true Las Vegas American restaurant to its core, modern cuisine meets historic art in an innovative blend. Who knows what you’ll find behind the soda machine door?