Q&A With Chef Krista Seal, Greene St. Kitchen’s Executive Pastry Chef

Q&A With Chef Krista Seal, Greene St. Kitchen’s Executive Pastry Chef

Greene St. Kitchen has quickly become known for the skillful way it combines art, food, and an unforgettable atmosphere. A salute to New York City’s Soho district, stepping into this restaurant is truly an experience.

If you’ve enjoyed a meal at Greene St., then you’re already aware that the menu is full of creative, flavorful dishes. When you’re dining at Greene St., you’ll want to remember to leave room for dessert. After all, these desserts are as creative and memorable as the main dishes on the dinner menu.

Greene St. Kitchen’s Desserts: Works of Art

Rich, decadent, and full of creativity and surprises, Greene St. Kitchen’s desserts are the perfect way to finish off a meal. Indulge in the Galaxy Cake, a chocolate cake paired with caramel ganache and chocolate Italian buttercream. The Yuzu Bombe features yuzu sabayon, white chocolate mousse, matcha glaze and jasmine gelato. Or, create your own ice cream sundae with the sundae trolley. The trolley arrives with the ice cream of your choice and all of the garnishes you could need to create your favorite dessert.

For a dessert that’s truly out of this world, try The Space Invader. Also known as Phil, this friendly green alien has quickly become a fan favorite, and he’s one of the many reasons why customers come to give this restaurant a try. A spin on traditional Baked Alaska, Phil changes things up in his own unique way. This blend of angel food cake, strawberry sorbet, and cereal milk ice cream infused with Fruity Pebbles space dust it packed with flavor. It’s topped with a lightly torched Italian meringue, then positioned in decadent crème anglaise.

Phil makes an amazing entrance, arriving at your table in a swirl of dry ice clouds on his own little spaceship platform. Phil is an experience that you won’t soon forget, and both he and the other delicious desserts are the creations of Greene St. Kitchen’s executive pastry chef, Krista Seal.

We sat down with Chef Seal to learn more about her influences, her ideas for new desserts, and just how Phil came to be.

Where did you grow up and who inspired you most to become a pastry chef?

I was born and raised in Vegas. Having two large blended families and learning the love language from so many different regions of the country sparked my interest early on.

Phil The Space Invader. What is he? How long did it take you to create it and why?

Phil is one of my favorite dishes and he’s come such a long way from Phil version 1.0. When I was plate shopping I saw this amazing space ship plate and had to have it, so I started sketching things and landed on a Digimon/ Simpsons alien/slimmer dude, named Phil. It took about three months of development before I had the perfect looking and tasting Fruity Pebble cereal milk baked Alaska Space invader.

Do you have a favorite chef on TV, if you could meet one famous chef who would it be and why?

I don’t really watch a lot of chef TV but I’m pretty fond of Christina Tossi. My dream chef encounter would be Nancy Silverton, hands down! Her passion and strength as a lady chef in this boy’s club are inspiring.

What’s the next step? Do you have any ideas for a new dessert in mind?

I’m working on a few things for Greene St. and other venues within the company. “Miss Pac Man,” a Vegas native nostalgic play on a sundae, was something I started working on during the initial tasting and had to put on hold till we caught our footing and I’m excited to start taking her seriously again.

If you can give one piece of advice for aspiring pastry chefs what would it be?

I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to stop trying to change yourself to fit into a kitchen or company and be brave enough to keep looking for one that’s made for you. Change is scary but necessary for growth so always try to be a little terrified, the world has enough lava cakes and creme brûlée’s in it.

Try the Desserts at Greene St. Kitchen

Is your sweet tooth craving these delicious desserts? You can experience them for yourself with your meal at Greene St. Kitchen. Make a reservation now and come see all of the exciting plates our menu has to offer. Just, of course, be sure to save room for dessert.