Global Flavors at Greene Street

Global Flavors at Greene Street

Global Dishes at Greene Street Las Vegas

If you’ve ever visited Greene Street Kitchen, then you already know it’s a restaurant unlike any other. 

With our unique decor inspired by the gritty-yet-exciting artistic renaissance that took place in New York’s SoHo neighborhood in the 70s and 80s, it’s a visual delight for sure … 

But we have more to offer than just good looks. Our menu is similarly creative, and boasts flavor inspirations from around the globe.

Curious to see some of the delicious flavors you’ll experience when you visit? Let’s take a tour of some of the globally inspired dishes you’ll find on our menu: 

Global Flavors- Sushi Yacht(Source: Greene Street Kitchen Facebook page)

Amazing Asian Flavors

Asian influences abound on our menu. From appetizers to desserts, you’ll find dishes featuring distinct Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese influences. The hardest part is choosing what dish to try first.

To start, consider our crave-worthy Chinese Chicken Salad, made with carrot, cabbage,  scallions,soy, ginger, peanut dressing, and crispy wontons. 

Our Small Plates menu features a dazzling array of dishes with Asian flavor inspirations, like our Hamachi Sashimi, served with yuzu ponzu, chili garlic, and micro shiso; Wagyu Beef Tataki, served with chili oil, ponzu, and crispy garlic; our Thai Beef Lettuce Cups are made with tamarind grilled steak, thai “pico,” and herbs.  

And don’t forget the Duck Pancakes! We serve ours with cucumber and scallion julienne and hoisin sauce. 

If you’re looking for something truly show stopping, though, consider one of our Sushi Yachts! They’re exactly what they sound like: luxe ships full of sushi to feast on! 

Global Flavours- Italian(Source: Greene Street Kitchen Facebook page)

Italian Inspirations 

Everyone loves Italian food … including our Chefs! You’ll find a distinct Italian influence throughout our menu, starting with our Crispy Calamari, a perfectly crispy-edged calamari served with calabrian chili aioli, pine nuts, lemon, and caper. 

For a plant-based option, consider our Organic Avocado Bruschetta, composed of focaccia, heirloom tomato, and micro lemon basil. 

As for the main event? We’ve got two stellar Italian options: Spaghetti Lobster-Homard, featuring ½ lobster, Applewood smoked bacon, cream, and fresh-cut chives, and Pappardelle Bolognese, featuring an OMG-worthy mixture of veal, beef, and sausage in a rich tomato-based meat sauce, served with basil and parmesan. 

And don’t forget: our saucy partner in crime, Side Piece Pizza, is nearby, too! Learn more here.

Global Flavors- US inspired(Source: Greene Street Kitchen Facebook page)

Uniquely U.S.-Inspired Creations

The U.S.A is a melting pot … so many dishes that are considered “All-American” are actually already globally influenced. However, there are certain dishes that are most strongly associated with the U.S. — and we’re proud to offer them up on our menu. 

Our Signature Buffalo Wings are inspired by upstate New York’s finest, and they’re served with blue cheese sauce and fresh cut veggies.

Fan of burgers? Don’t miss our Ultimate Burger, served with white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and our special burger sauce. Not into meat? We’ve also got No Way!! Vegan Sliders, served with vegan 1000 island on sesame seed buns.

Fusion Flavors

These menu items defy categorization! They boast flavors from multiple cultures on a single plate, and offer a feast for the senses.  

Our Jidori Chicken Kebabs, for instance, are second to none. Jidori chicken is sometimes referred to as the chicken equivalent of Kobe beef. Tender and flavorful, this favorite of Asian fusion Chefs gets a Middle Eastern makeover with shawarma spices, tzatziki sauce, and fresh baked pita.

Patatas Bravas is common on tapas menus, but on the Greene Street menu, it’s got a distinct Moroccan undertone. Our patatas bravas are served with harissa (a North African chili paste) aioli  and plenty of chive to bring out the flavor of the crispy ‘taters. 

And don’t forget our Creamed Corn! This isn’t your TV dinner side dish. Jalapeno and tajin spices bring a unique and exotic flavor element to this popular side. 

Drinks and Desserts From Around the World 

Our globally inspired flavors aren’t just on show on the dinner menu. Our drinks and desserts are similarly diverse!

Our drinks menu includes options from all over the world — wines from France, Italy, Spain, the U.S., and beyond; Japanese sakes of all sorts; spirits from all over the world. 

As for dessert? Consider the example of our Yuzu Bombe. A French pastry style gets an Asian flavor injection in this pretty as a picture dessert, featuring yuzu sabayon, white chocolate mousse,  matcha glaze, and jasmine gelato.

Take a Flavor Journey at Greene Street! 

At Greene Street Kitchen, we’re committed to offering our customers a dining experience unlike any other. Our globally inspired menu is bound to make an impression! Whether you’re looking for a cozy Italian pasta dish, unique Asian creations, or classic American fare, we’ve got the perfect dish for you on our menu. 

What globally inspired dish sounds most appetizing to you?