Granite Countertops: A Timeless Choice for Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation can be a stressful project. There are so many decisions to make and so many factors to take into consideration. When that is the case, how can you choose granite countertops?

There are so many options to choose from: different colors, patterns, designs, and price points.

Moreover, you will have to determine the thickness, edge treatment, finish and so much more. Keep reading to learn more about granite countertops, their biggest advantages, and how to pick the best countertops for your house.

Your Budget

Your Budget

When choosing countertops, your budget is one of the, if not the strongest factors to take into consideration. Depending on the range of your budget you can pick different granite styles with various designs. The price of the granite slab depends on a few factors.

One of the most significant is the quality of the slabs. Although high-quality granite types will have a higher price tag, they are also more durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if you can, picking high-quality materials will pay for themselves in the long run.

Moreover, the thickness of the granite slab will also heavily influence the price of the countertops. As you can imagine, thicker slabs will cost more than thinner ones because thicker countertop requires more material. If your budget doesn’t quite allow a high-quality material, you can browse thinner ones to see if they are within your price range.

The aesthetic appeal and how rare the design is are other impactful things to consider. Rare colors and designs will result in a more expensive material that might need to be imported overseas.

For example, pure white slabs will be rarer and thus more expensive compared to classic ones with light gray veins throughout. Similarly, bolder colors such as bright blue or red will be harder to find compared to light colors such as cream or beige.

The cost of the countertops does not consist of only the material cost. The expense of the installation and the craftsmanship are also things you should consider. We recommend always leaving the installation to a professional because if the countertops are not properly installed, they can break, wobble, and overall be less durable.

Moreover, if the countertops are not supported correctly, they can be too heavy for the cabinets to carry.

In short, the cost of the granite countertops is influenced by many things, the cost of the material and the cost of the craftsmanship should both be accounted for before you determine your budget.

Although renewing your countertops can be a costly process, it is best to consider it as an investment more than a purchase as it will raise the property value.

Property Value

Property Value

One of the biggest advantages of granite countertops is that it will significantly increase the resell value of your property. As they are such a crowd-pleaser, granite countertops will be a great selling point if you ever decide to resell your house.

As kitchens are such a hard area to renovate, buyers prefer purchasing houses with a kitchen that is ready to move in. They don’t prefer having to remodel the kitchen after an already stressful moving process.

Therefore if your house has new, beautiful, and durable kitchen countertops, it is a huge plus.

Moreover, having a granite countertop in particular will be an advantage as it is known for its amazing durability and versatility. Granite can withstand wear and tear for many years.

In other words, any potential buyer of your house can rest easy knowing they won’t have to renovate the countertops for many years to come.

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Durability and Strength

Granite is known for being one of the strongest and hardest countertop materials. It has a hardness level of 6 to 7 in the Mohs Scale, for comparison marble has a score of 3. In other words, granite is a very hard stone that can withstand the daily wear and tear that occurs in any home.

It is formed under immense heat and pressure within the earth’s crust. Therefore it can easily withstand levels of heat and pressure that can occur in your kitchen such as the heat emanating from the oven or the stove. Moreover, it is highly resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches.

Similar to all natural stones, granite has a porous structure. This means that it will have to be sealed before use and resealed regularly after that. This will ensure that it will also not be affected by food or drink spills, moisture, or dirt.

Don’t forget that granite is a very heavy stone. To cover the whole of the countertops you will likely need to use one single slab, which means that it will be even heavier and harder to carry.

To ensure the security of the countertops you will need very strong cabinets that can lift the heavy weight. If the cabinets aren’t able to carry it, you might need to get supports installed so that the countertop doesn’t crust the cabinets over time.

Easy Cleaning and Low Maintenance

Easy Cleaning and Low Maintenance

When choosing kitchen countertops, their maintenance and cleaning requirements are extremely important in the long run. You don’t want a material that is hard to clean, stressful to maintain, or fussy in general. Such a material can make spending time in your kitchen unpleasant.

As mentioned before, granite countertops need to be sealed before use. This is to prevent outside factors from seeping into the pores of the stone and creating unwanted consequences such as permanent discoloration, stains, bacterial growth, or mold.

If you were to try and use your granite countertops without sealing, any food or drink spill would leave a mark behind, or dirt or debris would accumulate in the pores.

Although having to reseal your countertops regularly might seem like a hassle, it is actually a great barrier between the stone and the outside world. It will make the cleaning process much easier and your countertops will preserve their new appearance for a longer time.

You don’t need to use special products to clean the countertops either. Mild dish soap and a soft sponge are all you need. Therefore, if you are looking for a countertop material that won’t consume all of your free time, granite is an amazing option.

Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal

The overall design aesthetic of the countertops you choose is the most enjoyable part of the renovation process. You get to go through different colors, patients, veins, and designs to pick the one that aligns perfectly with your vision and taste.

Granite is usually available in neutral and light colors, which is a great advantage as they are the most sought-after and popular colors. You can easily find warm beige tones adorned with light brown or gray veins. Similarly light gray base colors are also widely available and popular.

However, that isn’t to say those are the only cool options you can pick from. As granite is formed within the crust of the earth, different minerals get mixed into it, creating its signature appearance.

Depending on the type of mineral that is mixed the color of the patterns is determined. The intensity of the patterns is influenced by how much of the mineral is mixed into the granite slab.

Granite is a natural stone. Therefore, similar to other natural stones, it possesses an inimitable sense of natural and organic feel.

The earthiness of the stone is one of its main selling points because it grants the space it is installed in a very unique aura. The naturalness of the stone pairs amazingly with other natural elements such as wood cabinetry and houseplants.

In short, there are so many factors to think about when choosing the right granite countertops for your house.

Design elements such as color and pattern depend mostly on your personal taste. On the other hand, the cost and the thickness of the slab can be decided by necessity. As granite is such an amazing stone that manages to combine durability, functionality, and beauty, you are sure to find a slab that will meet all of your countertop needs.

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