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Saturdays & Sundays



So, you’re looking for some party with your pancakes? Some beats with your bubbles? Greene St. Kitchen is changing weekends forever with its highly energetic BRUNCH’N party that features over-the-top and sharable food and drinks, such as the craveable Pink Pancakes, a titanic-sized Sushi Boat or the almost-calorie-free Ice Cream Sunday. Located on the restaurant’s garden, which overlooks the Palms’ sun-soaked Kaos Day Club pool party and Damien Hirst’s 60-foot-tall Demon sculpture, BRUNCH’N at Greene St. Kitchen features constantly flowing champagne, confetti cannons and whimsical debauchery. Saturdays were invented for BRUNCH’N.


Make your stay at the Palms Casino Resort truly memorable with a dinner at Greene St. This Palms Casino Restaurant offers a melding of art and food in an homage to the rich 70s Soho culture. From its vintage video arcade entrance to the graffiti and genuine art pieces that adorn the walls, a dinner at Greene St. will entertain both your vision and your taste buds.

Palms Casino Resort, hailed as a must-see Las Vegas gaming and entertainment destination, is undergoing at $690 million renovation, and Greene St. is part of that extensive transformation. The new Palms will offer a blend of classic Vegas hospitality and new art, culinary, music, and entertainment experiences.

Greene St. is just one of several Palms Casino restaurants. Scotch 80 Prime combines Las Vegas charm with an unparalleled dining experience. Its Whisky Program focuses on rare and vintage marks by top producers. Vetri Cucina’s Northern Italian inspired fare has earned national acclaim and accolades, and diners can enjoy handcrafted pastas and artful presentations. In March of 2019, Chef Bobby Flay will debut Shark, a fish restaurant with extensive sushi and raw bar offerings, all heavily influenced by South America, Mexico, and the Mediterranean.

Together, these four Palms Casino restaurants offer diners a wealth of options. If you’re staying at the Palms for multiple nights, you’ll have a chance to try a variety of cuisine options, all crafted with top-quality ingredients by some of the best chefs in Las Vegas. And if you’re only staying for a night? Well, this might be the perfect reason to extend your stay or to come back again soon.