The Palms and Greene St. Kitchen – A Perfect Pairing in Las Vegas

The Palms and Greene St. Kitchen – A Perfect Pairing in Las Vegas

The Palms and Greene St. Kitchen

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – but from a foodie point of view, this is because nowhere else on earth are you going to find such culinary mastery combined with the effervescent energy that flows through Las Vegas both day and night. The culinary talent that is expressed in Las Vegas restaurants is envied the world over.

If you’re someone who likes to keep an eye on the trendy restaurants in Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard the news of the newest upcoming addition to the Palms Casino Resort. Greene St. Kitchen is set to open their doors in the Palms this spring and they couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their new home.

The Palms Re-Envisioned

Located just off the infamous strip in Las Vegas, the Palms has been cultivating its status as an iconic staple in Vegas ever since its doors opened in 2001. In the nearly two decades since their open, the Palms has entertained, impressed and entranced everyone that has entered their doors.

Recently, the Palms Casino Resort has undergone a massive $690 million renovation. This renovation follows the resort’s acquisition by Station Casinos in 2016. The head to toe makeover is expected to reveal a Palms that is an infusion of art, decadence and the classic personality of Las Vegas. This infusion will include new partnerships that will enhance the visitor experience. In a city where anything is possible, the Palms Casino Resort has set their sights on exceeding every expectation.

There’s more than a subtle buzz surrounding the new look and personality of the Palms, with a good portion of that buzz being centered on the resort’s unique dining experiences. Being well known for both casual and fine dining options, the Palms has been home to Vegas favorites like Shark, Scotch 80 Prime, Mabel’s BBQ, and now the much anticipated Greene St. Kitchen.

Greene St. Kitchen – Fresh Modern American Food in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation of being flashy, over the top and fueled by indulgence. However, there’s a quieter undercurrent that fuels the Vegas foodie culture and it’s one that’s centered on fresh, delicious food that doesn’t need to be pretentious or overly complicated to impress. Greene St. Kitchen is bringing this energy into the Palms with a menu that is fresh, artistic and features some of the best seafood and sushi in Las Vegas.

Greene St. Kitchen gets its inspiration from the artistic community of Soho in the 1980s. The funky, artistic energy lends itself perfectly to the theme of the recent renovations at the Palms. Guests of Greene St. Kitchen can expect an exceptional dining experience in a one of kind atmosphere. The Décor of Greene St. Kitchen includes graffiti art, authentic pieces of art that represent the personality of Soho and other elements that add visual stimulation to the casual fine dining experience.

When considering the dining options in the Palms Casino Resort, Greene St. Kitchen offers a breath of fresh air. Guests can enjoy seating in the lounge, in their art infused dining area, or on the patio – which happens to overlook a major venue for big name artist, Kaos Dayclub. The entrance through an arcade adds a fun, high energy vibe to the experience. Private dining is also available for special occasions and events.

Say Hello to the New Palms Casino Resort and Greene St. Kitchen

Most of us don’t need an excuse to make plans to visit Las Vegas, but if you’re looking for a bit of escapism that includes touches of luxury and class, you’re going to want to make visiting the newly renovated Palms Casino Resort a top priority on your list.

The Palms is well known for their inclusion of amazing contemporary art, including their collection of blue-chip and street art. Greene St. Kitchen enhances the artistic appeal of the Palms by bringing an infusion of an artistically designed menu and one of a kind street art. Together, the Palms and Green St. Kitchen provide a completely immersive, memorable experience for each guest that walks through their door.

In a world where it often feels like everything has already been done, the partnership between the Palms Casino Resort and Greene St. Kitchen is an invigorating breath of fresh air for the Las Vegas restaurant scene. Whether you’re a world-class foodie or exploring Vegas for the first time, Greene St. Kitchen in the Palms is a culinary experience you don’t want to miss. Step away from the bright lights for a minute and immerse yourself in truly unique and unforgettable experience.