Why Greene St. Kitchen is the Best Spot for Holiday Drinks

Why Greene St. Kitchen is the Best Spot for Holiday Drinks

(Source: Greene St. Kitchen Kitchen Facebook page)

The holidays are here…who could use a drink? 

If you said yes (and seriously, who didn’t?), consider joining us at Greene St. Kitchen for an impeccably made cocktail…or some bubby, or wine or beer…this holiday season. 

At Greene St. Kitchen, we pride ourselves on being a restaurant unlike any other. With our artistic space, fanciful yet high caliber menu, and awesome location, there are plenty of reasons to visit at any time of year. 

But it’s an especially fun and upbeat respite during the holidays…even if you only have time for a drink or two! 

Whether it’s drinks with your colleagues, a rendez-vous with your sweetie, or just a quick stop on the way to other holiday festivities, Greene St. Kitchen is the perfect place to make a pit stop for holiday drinks. Here are just a few of the reasons you should come on by: 

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(Source: Greene St. Kitchen Kitchen Facebook page)

A Setting Unlike Any Other

You’ve never been to an establishment like Greene St. Kitchen. Art, fine cuisine, and an amazing atmosphere come together in a 5,000 square foot space that’s inspired by the raw artistic energy of New York’s SoHo neighborhood. 

Once you enter through a quirky soda machine door, you’ll find yourself in graffiti-emblazoned rooms that are a nod to the hip hop and pop culture that dominated New York City starting in the 70s. 

We’ve got a gorgeous dining room, but you can also just kick back and enjoy our fully functioning arcade…and our fully stocked bar! 

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles! 

Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” We’re with Fitzgerald: bubbles are boss! 

Champagne or sparkling wine have a way of making the whole world twinkle. What could be a finer choice for holiday drinks? 

Happily, Greene St. Kitchen has an impressive menu section dedicated to bubbly. 

From Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label to Sparkling Rosé to Chandon Brut and even Prosecco, we’ve got all the bubbles you need to keep the holidays buoyant and bright. 

Our Wine is Divine

Greene St. Kitchen may embrace the gritty stylings of NYC in the 1970s, but our wine list is pure class. 

We’ve got a beautifully curated menu of wines available by the glass or by the bottle. Whether it’s a crisp Chardonnay to pair with an app like our Crispy Calamari (served with Calabrian chili aioli, pine nuts, lemon, and capers) or a delicious glass of Whispering Angel Rosé, our wines will have you feeling fine.

Did we mention…we have fancy wine too ? Check out our menu to see “The Finer Things” section of the menu, featuring fine wines like the highly sought-out Screaming Eagle ‘98 Cabernet. 

Our Sake Will Warm You Up! 

Whether you enjoy sake served warm or cold, it has a way of warming up your soul pretty fast. That makes it the perfect pick for a little holiday merriment! 

Greene St. Kitchen has an eclectic variety of sake options to try. For example? Winter Warrior is a Junmai Ginjo Sake, that is lightly floral, aromatic, with tropical notes and a medium body; or, give yourself a little dose of holiday joy with our “Happiness” Junmai Ginjo, a medium-full bodied sake with subtle layers of fruit and a slight sweetness. 

Specialty Cocktails Are Merry and Bright 

Cocktails have a way of making you feel as mischievous and joyful as a little elf in Santa’s workshop…so why not have another round?

The cocktails at Greene St. Kitchen are perfectly pleasing to the palate and fun to share over conversation and appetizers with friends. As the weather cools down, you’ll love our Fall cocktail series, with options like “The Great Pumpkin,” a delicious mixture of Jim Beam, Kahlua, and Pumpkin Spiced Cream. 

But then again, our everyday options are certainly no slouches! A cocktail like the “Black Book” made with Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey, Pama, and Licor 43, is a great pick that will definitely have you feeling cozy. 

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Beer Too

Are you one of those people who thinks cocktails and champagne are too fancy? No worries, we’ve got beer too! 

We’ve got a variety of different options, from straight-up Bud to Kirin, Guiness, and Stella. Whatever makes you happy! It’s YOUR holiday season, so you do you!

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(Source: Greene St. Kitchen Kitchen Facebook page)

Awesome Food to Pair With Everything 

It’s fine to come just for drinks…but it’s understandable that you might be tempted by our tantalizing menu options too! 

Greene St. Kitchen offers a really unique menu from esteemed Chef Joe Zanelli…you’ve got to try at least something! An appetizer like our Mini Lobster Rolls (pictured above) or our Duck Pancakes (served with cucumber,  scallion julienne, and hoisin sauce) truly can’t be missed! 

And don’t even get us started on the entrees and desserts. No matter what you’re drinking, we’ve got something fantastic to snack––or feast––on. 

Ready to Join Us for Holiday Drinks? 

At Greene St. Kitchen Kitchen, we want to help you have the best holiday season ever. To do our part, we’d like to invite you to chill out and relax with us over holiday drinks! So go ahead…round up your friends and loved ones and come on out for a round or two! Make a reservation today.

Have you tried the specialty drinks at Greene St. Kitchen yet?